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An Unparalleled Training Experience
Proactive Sports Performance | An Unparalleled Training Experience | College
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As a college athlete, improper training has the potential to be very harmful to an individual’s overall health. Overtraining is a common problem within most training programs. Proper exercise selection as well as specific loads for each individual will ensure every athlete a safe training environment. In the past, training specifically was based on the sports and not the athlete. We now know that we can’t train 50 athletes with same exercise program ad expect that all 50 will benefit. Athletes are not machines built in a factory. The most current research we have indicates that, not only will some of the individuals not reach their full potential, but some will be placed at risk for injury. By understanding that Strength, Power, and Endurance are all interrelated we manipulate training programs tailored to each athlete’s specific needs.

Through years of applying strength & conditioning programs to virtually every collegiate sport possible, our staff has the knowledge and experience to administer sport specific programs for every athlete. Our program will facilitate the development of your physical attributes, thereby maximizing your athletic potential. Whether you are home for winter or summer break or permanently in the area, we will devise a program specific to your needs and timetable. The following is a sample of the many sports we have been involved with: football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, track and field, cross country, soccer, rugby, swimming, water polo, golf, tennis, gymnastics, lacrosse, etc.


An Unparalleled Training Experience