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Paul George

I wanted to be challenged and am on a mission to be the best. Training at Proactive has allowed me to face that mission. I've gotten better. I've gotten stronger. I've been pushed harder that I've ever been pushed before.

Clay Matthews

I started training with Proactive prior to my rookie season and I will be there every off season. If you’re an athlete looking to take your game to the next level, I highly recommend you train with Proactive Sports. They are the best in the business.

NFL All Pro Linebacker

Karl Anthony-Towns

The atmosphere is amazing, the training at Proactive Sports is the best in the business, top notch.

Aaron Rodgers

I chose Proactive because the of environment. There’s lots of players, positivity and I feel we are all working towards the goal of being prepared for season.

Von Miller

At Proactive they’ve got all the big time guys here working out. That’s why I come here as they push me to get better and there’s no better atmosphere to workout.

NFL All Pro Linebacker

Christian Yelich

After training at Proactive Sports in high school, I left for a few years because I moved. Since 2014 I’ve been back every off-season and it’s the best decision I’ve made.


There’s nothing like training at Proactive in Southern Cali. We have intense outside-the-box workouts, including the beach. What could be better?

David Bakhtiari

Being at Proactive pushes me to work harder and be the best. Working with other teammates and players in the league provides a competitive atmosphere like on the field.

Nick Swisher

Proactive Sports is my off-season home.I love the programs they have designed for baseball players.


Antonio Cromartie

Proactive has taken my athleticism to a whole new level. They truly care about every individual athlete and will make sure you get what your body specifically needs. I take great pride in saying Proactive Sports is my offseason home. Don’t come here unless you are trying to be the best.

NFL All Pro Defensive Back

CJ Spiller

By training with ProActive I was able to become a top-10 pick in the NFL draft. The staff and coaches at ProActive are the most knowledgeable, and that's why I work with them every offseason to train.

NFL All Pro Running Back

Casey Janssen

If you want to train with the best and work with a solid group of trainers, you don’t go anywhere else.

Datone Jones

The different programs each off-season at Proactive have me coming back.

DeMarcus Cousins

These guys are the best!

Donald Penn

I’ve been playing in the league for a long time. Proactive’s workouts help keep my body feeling fresh and prepared for a long season.

Malik Jackson

Training with Proactive prior to winning the Super Bowl had me feeling stronger and explosive throughout the whole year.

Jonathan Stewart

I’m a big fan of the wearable technology at Proactive. I was able to really see where I needed to work on my body and balance myself out. The corrective exercises in my program made me stronger going into camp.

Jordan Cameron

One of the best parts of Proactive’s programs is the integration with the physical therapists in the workout. My body has never felt better.

Danny Worth

There are a lot of gyms you can choose to train from. The team at Proactive keeps it fresh and makes training effective, yet fun.

Blake Rutherford

I’ve been working with Proactive through high school and now as a MLB Draft pick you better believe I will be back home when I’m off.

Tommy Hass

Proactive Sports administers the best workouts and provide me with a detailed training schedule while I’m on the road.


Dwight Freeney

Having worked with Proactive Sports for many off seasons, I can say their training system is very unique and highly efficient. They tailor programs to fit my specific needs. The individual attention allows me to work specifically on my explosion without pounding my joints.

NFL All Pro Defensive Lineman

Shane Vereen

My favorite part of Proactive is their Roadtrip Fridays. They help me with my speed and I love competing with the other veterans.

RB New England Patriots

Derek Fisher

Best in the business.


Kurt Warner

Ryan is an excellent teacher and motivator, with a strong character. I’ve worked with a lot of strength coaches and he is at the top of my list.

NFL Super Bowl MVP

Larry Fitzgerald

Ryan is a great friend and a true professional in the sports performance business, working with Capretta during my first several years of my pro career helped me tremendously.

NFL All Pro Wide Receiver

Kyle VandenBosch

When I tore my ACL for the second time in three years I knew that I had a long, hard road of work and rehab ahead of me. I needed a trainer who was smart, who was committed to my success and who would work as hard as I do. Ryan capretta went above and beyond what any trainer has gone for me, with the of his expertise in strength & conditioning I was able to make a full recovery from two devastating knee in injuries and was able to elevate my play to a Pro Bowl level. Ryan knows what it takes to get to the top and can help any of athlete reach their full potential.

NFL All Pro Defensive Line

Anquan Boldin

Ryan Played a key role in helping me develop into the player I am today. He is one of the most personal and knowledgeable guys in his field, spending countless hours studying and coming up with various sport specific training regiments. Any athlete who works with Ryan would be satisfied with his work; he’s just a quality guy.

NFL All Pro Wide Receiver

Scott Player

The program that you have helped me with in my opinion has kept me in the league and injury free. Training with you in my Late 30’s got me in the best shape of my life and actually stronger than when I was in my 20’s.

NFL All Pro, Kicker

Emmitt Smith

The program that you have helped me with in my opinion has kept me in the league and injury free. Training with you in my Late 30’s got me in the best shape of my life and actually stronger than when I was in my 20’s.

NFL All time Leading Rusher

Neil Rackers

Ryan helped me strengthen my leg to the point where I led the NFL in every statistical category. I am grateful to have received knowledge from Ryan for 3 Years. He is an asset to the sports performance industry.

NFL All Pro Kicker

Jameel McClain

I travel from the East Coast to California every off-season to train with Proactive. They are the best!

LB Baltimore Ravens

Jerome Felton

Proactive helped me elevate my game to a Pro-Bowl level. They helped me maximize my strength and power which I need as a fullback.

FB Minnesota Vikings

Andre Carter

As an 11 year vet in the league, it is important to take care of my body. proactive sport knowshow to do that! Whether its rehab or training they are the best!

NFL Veteran

Brandon Stokley

You were always there to help me in any way, which helped me achieve my goals as a professional football player. Thanks you for helping me and I know that whoever else you work with will benefit greatly.

NFL Veteran

Calvin Pace

Ryan’s knowledge of training is second to none and his understandings of various different training methods have helped me during the 3 years we spent together.

NFL Veteran

Kirby Wilson

Professional and passionate are two words that best describe Ryan. If you want to play at the next level, then you needs to train with some one who’s been there. Ryan understands what it takes to get there and to stay there! My running backs were trained by Ryan and they were always the most explosive group on the field. If you want result choose Proactive. You will get bigger, faster, and stronger.

Veteran NFL Coach

Chip Morton

He is a sincere, hard-working individual who truly cares about people and treats everyone with respect. He is passionate about learning new ideas and excels at taking this information and filtrating it down to a form that can be taught and reinforced through coaching. He has done well at every level in the training industry and I have the utmost confidence that he delivers the athletes at Proactive Sports Performance the latest, yet most sensible training programs available.

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Cincinnati Bengals

Bertrand Berry

In the two years I worked with him, my game went to a new level, my agility and quickness improved instantly. I highly recommend anyone to train with him and see if he can do for you what he did for me.

NKF All Pro Defensive Line

Eric Heitmann

Ryan has always demonstrated the skill and personal adherence to maximize the potential of his athletes. I honestly can say I would not have had the success at the NFL combine or on the field on Sundays without his personal guidance.

NFL Veteran

Oliver Ross

I played in the league 12 years and was fortunate to have worked with him, he is by far the best strength & Conditioning coach around. As an offensive Lineman, he tailored workouts that helped with foot speed, hand speed, and all around explosion. He is the best in the business.

NFL Veteran

Larry Marmie

A top notch teacher and trainer for athlete that want to compete at a championship level.

Veteran NFL Defensive Coordinator

John Murray

Ryan Capretta is an excellent strength and conditioning coach. Having seen him work at both the collegiate and professional levels, I have observed his drive to excel in order to proactive the very best coaching for his athletes. As an N.B.A. strength and conditioning coach, I would have complete confidence in Ryan’s committed efforts to prepare players for the rigors of N.B.A Competition.

Golden State Warriors Head Strength Coach

Michael Bradley

Ryan Brings to the job unsurpassed knowledge, work ethic and organizational skills. He knows how to run a safe, prudent, productive and practical program. Of far more importance, he infuses the training of his athletes with unbridled enthusiasm and energy. After six to twelve weeks of training with Coach Capretta, the vast majority of his athletes will be in the best condition of their lives and stronger than they have ever been.

Florida State University Head Basketball Strength Coach

Colin Kaepernick

The intensity, the environment, the standard that is set to work hard every day forces you to be your best.

NFL All Pro Quarterback