Adult Fitness

The World of Adult Training has changed, and so has training…


Comprehensive diet planning to support your training program and enhance athletic performance

Increased flexibility through the use of static, dynamic, and functional movement

Strengthening abdominal wall and the surrounding powerhouse muscles will improve coordination and aid in injury prevention

Focus on proper lift mechanics to improve the force generating capacity of muscle groups

Burns calories in a safe systematic program for losing weight that includes body composition testing.


These Workouts use multiple modalities including functional movement patterns, cardio vascular endurance, as well as developing the core muscles. We utilize many different pieces of equipment including TRX suspension trainers, RIP trainers, BOSU, cycle, and treadmills.


These dynamic workouts incorporate strengthening all the major muscle groups while paying particular attention to the engaging core and abdominal muscles. These quick-paced workouts include cardio intervals allowing for maximum calorie burning.


Adult fitness workouts also include Pilates mat class techniques which combines strengthening and stretching in order to achieve overall muscular balance and core strength. Benefits also include injury prevention, improves posture and alignment, breath awareness, as well as overall strength and flexibility.


For added cardiovascular training, our adult fitness workouts utilize our multi-purpose room for boxing workouts.

Training Options
  • Team Training
  • Small Group
  • 1 on 1


An Unparalleled Training Experience