Training and Support to Elevate and Empower the Modern College Athlete


Comprehensive diet planning to support your training program and enhance athletic performance

Increased flexibility through the use of static, dynamic, and functional movement

Strengthening abdominal wall and the surrounding powerhouse muscles will improve coordination and aid in injury prevention

Emphasis on postural alignment, proper biomechanics, and proprioceptive stimulation to enhance equilibrium during the execution of coordinated movements

Developed through our unique tire course and road trip workouts that have been featured on numerous media outlets

Focus on proper lift mechanics to improve the force generating capacity of muscle groups

Improve the athletes’ ability to change the direction of the body parts rapidly and under control

Emphasize accelerated movements during plyometric and sports specific training to improve power output

Improve quickness and starting ability. Improve acceleration time. Increase stride length and stride frequency. Improve speed endurance.

A multi-faceted and integrated approach to developing sport specific needs for each individual

The Proactive Sports Performance Team has decades of experience helping college athletes reach their full potential.

Our philosophy goes beyond sport-specific training to address the individual athlete.

Every one of our college athletes goes through an initial biomechanics assessment to pinpoint impairments to their performance and longevity. Our Performance Team then crafts a program uniquely suited to their training profile, goals and sport.

We utilize a broad arsenal of tools to deliver innovative and efficient workouts that keep clients consistently challenged, engaged and evolving. Our dedication to orthopedically-safe exercise selection avoids unnecessary wear and tear on the body. Proactive’s community atmosphere helps college athletes fuel their competitive fire while also building meaningful relationships.

Variety of Training
  • Body Recomposition (Gain Muscle/Lose Fat)
  • Top-End Speed & Acceleration
  • Strength and Power
  • Agility and Explosiveness
  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Injury Rehab and Risk Reduction
Training Options
  • Team Training
  • Small Group
  • 1 on 1