The Proactive Sports Performance Center seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art testing & evaluation technology into the client experience.

The Herbalife24 Performance Lab features cutting-edge tools like the H/P/Cosmos® Gaitway 3D Treadmill. The Gaitway is the world’s first and only treadmill to combine synchronized 3D ground force and pressure distribution analysis, allowing for unprecedented assessment of gait/running mechanics.

Devices like the BOD POD Body Composition Analysis Chamber and COSMED VO2 Max Testing Wearable enable detailed exercise physiology testing, while the BioDex System 4 Pro™ delivers highly-accurate measures of limb and muscle strength to fuel cutting-edge research and more effective rehab/training programs.

Both the Proactive Speed Lab and Basketball Court are outfitted with subtle in-ground force plates and high-speed cameras to allow for research-grade biomechanics analysis. While traditional labs are somewhat limited in the movements they can capture, this integrated design allows our Performance Team to efficiently capture a huge range of athletic activities and makes sport science a true pillar of our training environment.

The Edge: We designed the Proactive Sports Performance Center to deliver all the positives of sport science without any sacrifice in training quality or efficiency. The result is simple — intense, data-driven workouts that help you achieve more impressive results.