BioFlex® Laser Therapy devices deliver low-intensity laser therapy to effectively treat musculoskeletal problems and accelerate wound healing. This non-invasive, painless modality acts on the cellular level to produce a cascade of complex physiological reactions that ultimately restore normal cell structure and function. BioFlex devices are approved by the FDA and utilize scientifically-developed protocols to help facilitate the body’s natural healing process.

Class IV laser therapy provides deeper and more efficient penetration into nerves, muscles, ligaments and tendon tissue. Class IV laser therapy increases ATP on the cellular level, which in turn accelerates cellular metabolism and expedites tissue regeneration and healing. The benefits of Class IV laser therapy also include pain relief, collagen synthesis, angiogenesis, increased fibroblast activity and decreased inflammation.

The Edge: BioFlex devices are a convenient therapy option to alleviate the repetitive stress and soft tissue injuries that often plague athletes and other heavy exercisers. While Class IV laser therapy has wide applications, we find it particularly effective for facilitating healing of acute injuries and post-surgical interventions.