Proactive Delivers a One-of-a-Kind Training Experience.

We devote extraordinary care and attention to every client, whether you’re a multi-time MVP or a local mom just looking to get in shape.

An initial biomechanics assessment allows us to acutely identify impairments to performance and long-term health. We then craft a program uniquely suited to your training profile and individual goals.

We utilize a broad arsenal of tools to deliver innovative and efficient workouts that keep clients consistently engaged and evolving. Our dedication to orthopedically-safe exercises enhances client health and longevity.

We utilize data-driven workouts to help clients consistently track improvement and compete against their former selves. Our vast library of data points allows us to compare metrics across our elite client base and set highly-motivating performance benchmarks.

Proactive is defined by our tight-knit, community atmosphere. Every new client is embraced as part of the PSP family. Our team and the clients we attract have created a one-of-a-kind culture that’s both intensely competitive and extremely supportive.


To provide every client with a professional and innovative training experience that supports the achievement of their individualized performance goals.