Ryan Capretta Is The Founder And CEO Of Proactive Sports Performance.

With over 25 years of experience in the field, Capretta is among the most respected and accomplished performance coaches in the world. His unique, science-backed methodology has helped thousands of athletes across a range of sports elevate their performance and extend their playing careers.

Under Capretta’s guidance, Proactive Sports Performance has trained 50+ NFL Pro Bowl selections, 10 NBA All-Stars, and 60+ major sport first-round draft picks. Notable clients include Aaron Rodgers, Paul George, Justin Herbert, Karl-Anthony Towns, David Bhaktiari, Donovan Mitchell, Von Miller, Albert Pujols, Dwight Freeney, and Clay Matthews Jr.

Capretta’s cutting-edge methods have been featured on ESPN, The Athletic, Men’s Health, HBO, Fox Sports, ABC, CNN, and more. He also serves as a consultant for numerous companies, including Adidas, Cybex, Athos, and Herbalife. Capretta previously earned an Emmy award for his work with NFL UP.

Prior to founding Proactive Sports Performance in 2006, Capretta excelled in performance roles with Pepperdine University, Stanford University, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Arizona Cardinals. Capretta is a certified member of the National Strength & Conditioning Association and holds a Master’s degree in Sport Science.

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