Rehab/Prevention Programs

After first assessing the individual’s unique pitching delivery, we seek to mobilize areas of the body that go through extreme ranges of motion while stabilizing areas subjected to rapid changes in direction. Post-throwing recovery drills focus on efficiently regaining shoulder range of motion, internal rotation and strength. Unique exercises are also utilized to build muscles in the shoulder, back and forearm.

Proactive’s Arm Care Programs are open to any athlete/pitcher 8 years old and up.

The Edge: An examination of throwing history injury rates in high school baseball players revealed 62% had inadequate rest between outings. Arm Care Program participants are educated on evidence-based throwing limits related to their age group — a key factor in injury prevention.

Benefits of Proactive’s Return to Sport program include improved confidence and stability at competition-level intensity and optimized biomechanics as well as improved/equalized endurance, power and ground reaction forces between extremities. Ultimately, the Return to Sport program seeks to shift clients from an antiquated, time-based return criteria to guidelines grounded in function and performance.

The Edge: Data shows a significant failure rate in young athletes during the 4-9 months following an ACL repair. We offer a special program that is uniquely designed for clients rehabbing ACL injuries.