1080 Sprint by 1080 Motion

The 1080 Sprint by 1080 Motion is a revolutionary training and testing tool for horizontal athletic movements. At Proactive, it is primarily used for speed and agility applications. The 1080 Sprint’s intelligent variable technology provides ultra-smooth resistance/assistance for distances of up to 90 meters, allowing unparalleled control during resisted and overspeed training. This portable unit also captures highly accurate data on the athlete’s power, force, speed and acceleration.

The Edge: Thanks to its ability to evaluate symmetry of movement, the 1080 Sprint can quickly uncover discrepancies in force/power between an athlete’s right and left sides. These valuable insights empower intelligent tweaks to our performance, injury prevention and return-to-play programming.


Keiser® has been a trusted partner of Proactive for over a decade. Their industry-leading strength & power equipment provides low-impact pneumatic resistance that enables smarter, safer workouts. Digital data captured on each rep fuels competition and allows for the creation of highly-motivating benchmarks.

The Edge: Proactive features Keiser Strength machines, Keiser Functional Trainer machines, and Keiser Hybrid Racks. Keiser Strength machines feature Dynamic Variable Resistance that enhances power development. Keiser Functional Trainer machines develop functional, real-world power in any plane of motion at any speed. Keiser Hybrid Racks combine Dynamic Variable Resistance with iron weight resistance, allowing for intelligent variation of classic barbell movements.


Proactive utilizes BridgeAthletic to deliver training plans directly to clients’ digital devices. BridgeAthletic’s performance-focused tools, intuitive interface, and seamless communication system make it a one-of-a-kind platform for clients and coaches alike.

The Edge: BridgeAthletic allows clients to compare their results and progress against Proactive clients of all levels, adding a fun, motivational element to your training.


Proactive’s VR headsets allow us to create a unique video-game like environment that aligns with the client’s rehab or training goals. This technology is especially useful when recovering from a head injury, as it takes advantage of the inherent neuroplasticity following damage to the brain cells. Research shows that the more time a patient dedicates to therapy with functional goals in mind, the stronger the synapses and faster reorganization of the brain can be achieved.

The Edge: Proactive’s rehabilitative VR experiences can be particularly useful for those who recently had a stroke, concussion or spinal cord injury, neurologic patients seeking to improve balance and gait, and for preparing/assessing athletes in a return to sport protocol.


VO2 Max is the maximum volume of oxygen a person can utilize during exercise. As the most reliable indicator of aerobic endurance, Proactive utilizes VO2 Max to track improvements in clients’ cardiovascular health and performance over time. COSMED’s VO2 Max testing wearable allows the Proactive Team to easily and safely measure VO2 Max using a treadmill or stationary bike.

The Edge: Using data captured by this wearable, the Proactive Team can accurately measure clients’ current fitness, more effectively individualize training programs, and more acutely assess the effectiveness of a given routine.


The pioneering WattBike Pro and WattBike Trainer are the world’s best indoor cycling bikes. These ultra-durable machines can stand up to training sessions from the world’s most powerful athletes and deliver the most accurate and in-depth workout data in the industry.

The Edge: WattBike’s unique technology replicates the resistance and sensation of outdoor cycling, delivering an authentic feel that seamlessly translates to improved road performance.


Woodway® Treadmills feature state of-the-art technology that provides users with an unrivaled treadmill experience. Woodway belts are comprised of individual shock-absorbing slats that have been scientifically-proven to reduce harmful shock to joints, muscles and connective tissues. It’s a luxury you won’t experience on any conventional treadmill —and the reason 100% of NFL, NBA and MLB teams run on Woodway.

The Edge: Woodway Treadmills come equipped with three modes — traditional, dynamic and resistance. Woodway Treadmills allow us to confidently program a variety of treadmill-based training techniques while staying true to Proactive’s core value of prescribing orthopedically-safe exercises.